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Business Management

Managing for business success, whether as an entrepreneur managing your enterprise or an agent managing a business unit, is doable when you know the effective business management principles and understand how to efficiently implement them.
Our business management publications can help you achieve control over the business that you are responsible for its success.

Enterprise Management Functions
by Dr Musa Mgemane
Code: 9463-13
Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

[In Stock]
Chapter 01: Planning Skills
Chapter 02: Organising and Coordinating Skills
Chapter 03: Directing Skills
Chapter 04: Leading Skills
Chapter 05: Controlling Skills
Chapter 06: Communicating Skills
Chapter 07: Decision Making Skills
Chapter 08: Meeting Conducting Skills
Chapter 09: Motivating Skills
Chapter 10: Negotiating Skills
Chapter 11: Conflict Resolving Skills
Chapter 12: Team Building Skills
Chapter 13: Report Writing Skills
R 300.00

Enterprise Management Operations
by Dr Musa Mgemane
Code: 9463-20
Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

[In Stock]
Chapter 01: Production and Operations Management
Chapter 02: Product and Service Design
Chapter 03: Operations Facility Selection
Chapter 04: Operations Facility Layout
Chapter 05: Operations Process
Chapter 06: Operations Planning and Control
Chapter 07: Operations Maintenance
R 300.00

Enterprise Management Competencies
by Dr Musa Mgemane
Code: 9463-37
Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

[In Stock]
Chapter 01: Time Management Skills
Chapter 02: Change Management Skills
Chapter 03: Policy Management Skills
Chapter 04: Human Resource Management Skills
Chapter 05: Risk Management Skills
Chapter 06: Project Management Skills
Chapter 07: Information and Knowledge Management Skills
Chapter 08: Bid Management Skills
Chapter 09: Emotional Intelligence Skills
R 400.00

Enterprise Financial Management
by Dr Musa Mgemane
Code: 9463-44
Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

[In Stock]
Chapter 01: Bookkeeping Overview
Chapter 02: Cash Transactions
Chapter 03: Purchases Transactions
Chapter 04: Sales Transactions
Chapter 05: Generating Financial Statements
Chapter 06: Interpreting Financial Information
Chapter 07: Micro Financial Planning
Chapter 08: Macro Financial Planning
R 300.00

Research Understanding Basics
by Dr Musa Mgemane
Code: 9463-50
Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

[Out of Stock]
In Research Understanding Basics, Dr Musa Mgemane demystifies research, in particular postgraduate research, by separating its basics from other complex and unnecessary research clutter and explains it in terms of its logical fundamentals.

The book modularises research into five logical elements and explains research in terms of the logical flow of these five elements. These five research elements being:
  • Research Idea
  • Research Area
  • Research Enquiry
  • Research Design
  • Research Findings

  • This book is aimed at postgraduate students who are undertaking research as a subject and/or research projects that culminate in a treatise, dissertation, or thesis. However, this book could also be helpful to any other non-academic person who is interested in research and in understanding the research basics.

    It is written in a less formal way and with a simple language, so that the reader can understand, stay interested, and benefit without much struggle. That being the case, this book, though basic, is fit for academic research purpose.

    This books brings a fresh approach in the teaching of research to postgraduate researchers and non-academic persons interested in understanding research. It is a game-changer in postgraduate research through the innovative approach, Five Research Elements Model, that provides a bird's eye-view of the research regime and thus making research comprehensible and simpler.
    Research Overview
    Chapter 01: Research Idea
    Chapter 02: Research Area
    Chapter 03: Research Enquiry
    Chapter 04: Research Design
    Chapter 05: Research Findings

    Projects Generic Management
    by Dr Musa Mgemane
    Code: 9463-60
    Trim Size: A4 (21.0cm x 29.7cm) OR Custom (19.1cm x 24.6cm)

    [Out of Stock]
    Chapter 01: Importance of Projects
    Chapter 02: Importance of Project Management
    Chapter 03: Project Attributes
    Chapter 04: Project Scope
    Chapter 05: Project Schedule
    Chapter 06: Project Cost
    Chapter 07: Project Quality
    Chapter 08: Project Resources
    Chapter 09: Project Communication
    Chapter 10: Project Risk
    Chapter 11: Project Procurement
    Chapter 12: Project Stakeholders
    Chapter 13: Project Integration
    Chapter 14: Project Phases
    Chapter 15: Project Initiation
    Chapter 16: Project Planning
    Chapter 17: Project Execution
    Chapter 18: Project Controlling
    Chapter 19: Project Closing

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