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Musa Mgemane DBA MBA PMP

Dr Musa Mgemane is a knowledge practitioner - specialising in business management, entrepreneurial development, and personal development knowledge. Consequently, he is also an author, a consultant, a lecturer, a researcher, and a trainer.

Musa has consulting experience spanning over twenty years. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctoral degree in Business Administration (DBA). He is also a certified project management professional (PMP).

Musa is a published author in several disciplines, such as business and/or business management, entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurial development, personal development, project management, and research methodology.

His business management publications include the titles:
- Enterprise Management Functions
- Enterprise Management Operations
- Enterprise Management Competencies
- Enterprise Financial Management

His entrepreneurial development publications include the titles:
- Entrepreneurial Design & Development
- Entrepreneurial Characteristics & Temperament
- Entrepreneurial Creativity & Innovation

His personal development publications include the titles:
- Personal Victory & Glory
- Simply Life Skills

His project management publications include the titles:
- Projects - Generic Management

His research methodology publications include the titles:
- Research - Understanding Basics

He is also involved in the academia on part-time basis. He supervises masters students' research projects at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) and University of Pretoria (UP), mainly in business, ICT, and project management. Also, served as a tutor and guest lecturer on research methodology at the University of Pretoria's Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM).

His key business management consulting skills include:
- Business processes reengineering (BPR)
- Business research & surveys
- Entrepreneurial development
- Information & communication technology (ICT)
- Management information
- Operations management
- Organisational development
- Policy development
- Project management / Programme management
- Strategy management

Dr Mgemane has also researched and developed several business management and entrepreneurial development models such as:
- Business Management Excellence (Inner-Workings) Framework
- Entrepreneurial Development Life Cycle (EDLC)
- Explosion (Business Idea Generation) Approach
- Implosion (Business Idea Generation) Approach
- Erosion (Business Idea Generation) Approach
- Enterprise Human Resources Motivation Model

Dr Mgemane is also active in road running. Todate he has completed over 150 standard & ultra marathons, including the Comrades Ultra Marathon 10 times, he is a member of the Green Number Club.

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