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Realising personal outcomes you desire is easier when you know your tibosh - thoughts imprints beliefs orientation self-image habits - and understand how to rewrite it.
Our personal development publications can help you achieve control over your tibosh.

Personal Victory & Glory
by Dr Musa Mgemane
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Trim Size: A5 (14.8cm x 21.0cm)

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In Personal Victory & Glory, Dr Musa Mgemane explains the importance of our thoughts and feelings - which are a function of our imagination - in determining our state of affairs and outcomes.

At birth, all of us are endowed with three gifts in the form of:
  • Generic gift - provides us with the critical and essential human body systems - that qualifies us as members of the human race and thus enables us to function as such,
  • Genetic gift - provides us with important traits, distinguishing characteristics, and DNA blueprint - that qualifies us as members of our respective kinships and thus affords us belonging and identity,
  • Personal gift - provides each one of us with potential capacity in the limbic system of the human brain - that qualifies us to formulate and transmit personal signatures and thus enables us to realise personal victory and glory. This brain organ based capacity, even when it is already ill-influenced throughupbringing, it is elastic in its fabric, and as a result we are able to rewrite and renew its tibosh - thoughts imprints beliefs orientation self-image habits - that is capable of re-influencing our predominant behaviour and our personalities, which inform our personal realities and manifest as the results that we realise in our personal lives, while discerning personal problems and entrenching personal happiness.

  • This book is primarily about the imprinting of progressive thoughts in our brains - the development of an adequate tibosh. A tibosh that progressively influences our deep-rooted views about life, about the world, and about ourselves. A constellation of views that synergistically dictate our automated - almost instinctive - predominant behaviour.

    This book is about an effective and efficient purposeful utilisation of progressive tibosh to control the conditions for personal progress - and that is absolute victory in life. It is about a mellow, normative, and philanthropic utilisation of personal progress to make our world a better place - and there is no superior glory to that in life.
    Chapter 01: Personal Interrogation
    Chapter 02: Personal Induction
    Chapter 03: Personal Reality
    Chapter 04: Personal Body Systems
    Chapter 05: Personal Brain Principles and Mechanisms
    Chapter 06: Personal Thoughts
    Chapter 07: Personal Imprints
    Chapter 08: Personal Beliefs
    Chapter 09: Personal Orientation
    Chapter 10: Personal Self-Image
    Chapter 11: Personal Habits
    Chapter 12: Personal Transformation
    Chapter 13: Personal Happiness
    Chapter 14: Personal Victory
    Chapter 15: Personal Glory
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