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Mzabi Institute's Personal Victory Webinars utilise technonolgy to establish contact with seminars' attendees virtually throughout the country, and globally.

Our Personal Victory Webinars take the human brain principles & mechanisms covered in the book Personal Victory & Glory and in the self-study programme It Will Show Up, a step further.

The desirable personal state that you aspire for, you can realise it and it can precipitate, through the guidance of these webinars.

Access Mzabi Institute's Personal Victory Webinars ANY-TIME, from ANY-WHERE, through ANY-CONNECTIVITY, & on ANY-DEVICE...
of our thoughts are habitual.
of our habitual thoughts influence our demeanour.
of our demeanour determines our personal results.
South Africans currently access personal development material in various forms, and this statistic is growing.
Mzabi is strategically positioned on the supply side of this growth.

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