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A Must-Read Personal Development Book

written by a doctor of personal development

Read this book... and you will never be the same again

The current personal reality that you encounter through your life and the personal results that you realise in your life - are a consequence of your inner-most brain content.

First, know and understand the principles and mechanisms of the inner-most brain, in layman's terms...
...and then learn how to renew and rewrite its content in order to improve both your personal reality and personal results.

Get this book... in order to get the results that will outlast you.

of our thoughts are habitual.
of our habitual thoughts influence our demeanour.
of our demeanour determines our personal results.
South Africans currently access personal development material in various forms, and this statistic is growing.
Mzabi is strategically positioned on the supply side of this growth.

entrepreneurship is a scarce economic resource in our country.

Entrepreneurship, and in particular business initiative, is a skill that can be learnt.

business initiative entails three fundamental business start-up imperatives...
...conception, appraisal, & implementation.

The enabling entrepreneurial principles and proven tactics are within your reach.
You can successfully conceive, appraise, and implement a business idea through the guidance of this book.

  • It is common knowledge that South Africa today, in this knowledge era , bears an inherent national triple challenge - unemployment poverty inequality (NDP 2030, 2012).
  • The South African unemployment rate is currently at an unhealthy 29% (StatsSA, 2019), which translates to just over 6.7 million people , who want to be employed, but who are without jobs (Stats SA, 2019).
  • Being without jobs implies that they are without an income, a factor directly related to poverty and indirectly related to inequality.
  • It is a worldwide phenomenon that entrepreneurship is one of the most formidable and undisputed methods or means towards national prosperity.
  • It is an internationally embraced fact that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the most appropriate and effective avenue for job creation (NDP 2030, 2012; ILO, 2018).
  • The prevailing nominal state of the South African entrepreneurship activity, in particular SMEs, does not inspire confidence as it is at unacceptably low levels (GEM 2017/2018).
  • The South African economy is also not growing at the required rate to create more and better JOBs.
  • The South African entrepreneurial challenge - SMEs challenge - is fourfold.
  • (1) South Africa does not create enough businesses or SMEs,
    (2) Most of the few that are created fail within five years of inception,
    (3) Most of the few that survive do not grow adequately to contribute significantly to more and better JOBs and to the reduction of unemployment rate, and
    (4) Most of the few that grow are not founded on innovation or novel product(s), service(s), and/or operations model(s), instead they are a replication of prevalent and already established business ideas.
  • The consequence of such entrepreneurial approach - the latter aspect - is a zero-sum effect,
  • - i.e. an entrepreneurial approach that is not premised on innovated novel product(s), service(s), and/or operations model(s) does not adequately contribute to effective economic growth because it lacks the capacity to earn forex for the country.
  • If the picture of the South African entrepreneurial state is to be reversed, South Africa needs effective entrepreneurial development and enterprise management programmes that are founded on Business Management Excellence.
  • Business Management Excellence entails proper business initiative, business effectiveness, and business efficiency .

  • At Mzabi,we specialise in helping prospective entrepreneurs conceive, appraise, and implement sustainable businesses.
  • At Mzabi,we specialise in helping South Africa create more & better JOBs through the creation of outcome-driven SMEs.

  • all businesses exist for a single general objective, business success...
    ...however, most businesses, conceived and started for success, actually fail.

    Business management, and in particular business effectiveness and business efficiency, is a skill that can be learnt.

    business effectiveness entails business tactical discipline... best-practice business management principles execution.

    business efficiency entails business precision discipline... operational waste curtailment.

    The enabling business management principles and practices are within your reach.
    You can manage a business - effectively and efficiently - for success through the guidance of these books.

    A business is fundamentally about productivity and bottomline, as a result, the primary duty of those managing it is to effectively and efficiently utilise and galvanise all necessary business resources - capital & human - towards achieving optimal business productivity and realising optimum business bottomline, these two are the apex imperatives of business success and sustainability.
    Out of 61 countries surveyed by the IMD, South Africa is ranked
    on Workforce Productivity
    on Worker Motivation
    Prognosis: in general, the business management proficiency of a South African business manager is inadequate.
    At Mzabi, we subscribe to the dictum there are no bad workers but inadequate managers.
    At Mzabi, we specialise in helping business managers improve their management proficiency.

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